Cambridge Technologies

The Cambridge Stockholder Software is a powerful, user friendly stockholder program that gives C-Corp and S-Corp users the ability to control all aspects of the stockholder management process. It eliminates cumbersome spreadsheets and time consuming manual operations. From tracking shares, dividends, certificates and book entry, to printing checks, processing ACH, and 1099 reporting, it includes everything needed without additional “Add-ons”. Security features, password protections, and easy backups keep data safe.

The program tracks and processes:

  • Stockholder information such as: Addresses, Email addresses, Bank Account/Routing numbers, Withholdings for Federal and State Taxes, Relationship/Entity Codes, and Family Groups/Family Relationships.
  • Dividends/Distributions along with Check Printing, ACH and ACH pre-note NACHA format files, ACH advices for customers, Fed / State W/H calculations, Stock Splits/Reverse Splits and DRIP.
  • Certificate/Book Entry as well as certificate printing, managing multiple certificate types, Self-Directed IRA’s, Pledged shares, Stock Option/RSU, Buy-Backs for 1099-B reporting.
  • IRS compliant E-filing along with 1099-DIV and 1099-B printing. Reports are generated for K-1 processing by accountants and CPA’s.
    Numerous reports available which can be exported in different formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc. Custom reports can also be created for individual preferences.

The software is Windows 7, 8, and 10 compatible, and can be installed on laptops, desktops, and various types of servers such as Citrix or Terminal servers. Data can be shared with multiple users on multiple PC’s at No Additional Charge. Free demos / Webinars are available and a reference list can be given upon request. Purchases include installation, configuration, training and 24/7 support including assistance in creating labels, letters, and proxies in WORD format. Annual Maintenance Fee includes IRS yearend updates and all new software enhancements.

Established in 1998, Cambridge Technologies is built upon an uncompromising commitment to exceed expectations and provide unparalleled customer service. President and CEO, Tim Isaak, understands the importance of delivering real-world solutions for clients through high-end, easy-to-use products at an affordable price. For more information contact Cambridge Technologies at 618-594-3274.

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Sanford Rose Associates – Rhonemus Group

Sanford Rose Associates® – Rhonemus Group is one of the midwest’s leading executive search consulting firms. Founded by Brian Rhonemus, a 30 year veteran of the financial services and recruitment industries, Sanford Rose Associates® – Rhonemus Group delivers talent management, career management, and succession planning services to our clients and candidates. The company’s search consultants have the expertise, industry contacts, client knowledge and credibility expected by top-tiered financial organizations. The firm has completed hundreds of retained searches ranging from Analyst to President and Chief Executive Officer. Their reach extends to corporate, divisional and branch levels. Sanford Rose Associates® – Rhonemus Group’s banking recruiting team has an impeccable track record and reputation in the banking community. They are a proven source for superior banking talent and innovative human resource solutions.

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Dixon, Davis, Bagent & Company

Dixon, Davis, Bagent & Company is a niche firm specializing in community-based financial institutions. We provide quality audit, internal audit, tax, regulatory compliance, AML review, loan review and other consulting services to community banks. Our professional team offers hundreds of years of community banking experience to help our clients thrive.
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Financial Information Systems, LLC

Financial Information Systems (“FIS”) products facilitate custom financial analysis of the banking industry. FIS provides analytical tools offering greater analytics for Credit Risk Management, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Market Share Analysis, Bank Mergers or Facility Planning.

Experience and Technology- That’s why FIS is able to do more for you!

Founded in 2000, FIS is developed and maintained by an executive team of innovative banking experts and technology leaders with a fresh approach to customer service. At FIS, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and being responsive to their needs.
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K4 Architecture + Design

K4 Architecture + Design is an innovator within the banking industry, leading banks to take a new approach to their branch and client service strategies. The K4 team brings extensive knowledge of the entire built environment process, experience in the management of prototype roll-out programs, and commitment to serving clients which has made the company a leading provider of next-generation branch architecture and construction management services.

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