CAMELS’ Philosophy


CAMELS Consulting Group goes beyond making recommendations and proposing solutions – we take an active role in execution providing:

  • Sustainable solutions that reduce the need for continual consultant involvement and can be implemented by your management team.
  • Processes focused on increasing shareholder value through the management of capital-based solutions.

Helping Community Banks Increase Shareholder Value

CAMELS Consulting Group’s mission is to support the expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and to address operating imperatives impacting the community bank sector.

Our consultative services support one key initiative: increasing shareholder value.

Our commitment to the community bank sector is driven by a passion for sharing our extensive knowledge and proven results in meeting shareholder expectations.

A Comprehensive Partner Dedicated to Your Success

What makes CAMELS Consulting Group truly unique is our extensive breadth and depth of industry knowledge, insights and actionable solutions. CAMELS’ advisory services encompass a wide range of capabilities focusing on strategic and capital plans, re-engineering, expansion, and fine-tuning financial performance for banks seeking to expand their franchise and increase shareholder value.

Our capital planning processes are shareholder-focused incorporating dividend strategies and planning to support future capital raising actions or growth propositions.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise You Can Trust

CAMELS Consulting Group is a recognized leader in strategic and capital planning for community banks. We are attuned to the need throughout the banking industry for urgency and sustainability when it comes to identifying and implementing shareholder solutions. The sooner financial and operational issues are identified, the more quickly plans can be developed and programs can be executed – increasing your success.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of banking, capital markets, regulatory compliance, financial modeling combined with our proven processes for increasing stock liquidity will put your organization on the path to long-term stability and success. Contact us today to get started.


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